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Character Designs

Before we begin:


Many artists tend to disregard the silhouette technique when character designing, thus, creaking tangents, lack of negative space and overall poor composition. 

This line up shows how characters read clearly when blacked out, and you can get a sense of what they are doing or even who they are and what they could look like. 


Hodgeypodge Happenings

What is a hodgepodge exactly? As some dictionary defines it, its a "confused mixture". Welp, Hodgepodge Happenings is just that. A mixed yet, exacerbating wild group of creatures living under one roof.


HodgeyPodge Happenings is a good-natured animated family comedy about a diverse posse of adopted animals that band together with the proprietor of a bed & breakfast lodge. HodgeyPodge Happenings will explore themes of how families can overcome anything and fun is everywhere using stories built upon the cornerstones of Comedy, Music and Heart.

Written/Created by : Remy De La Mora and Anthony Caruso

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