Storyboard for a tv spot that was developed into a fully animated commercial

Storyboard for TV animated pilot called Cups. When cups form a life on a deserted Earth and become the new life. 

What do you get when demons, monsters, the paranormal, and the nutcases all rise up and start living amongst the suburban families in your neighborhood? Slashers is a comedy show that focuses on the aftermath of the Apocalypse, after the Evangelicals were saved from the rapture (who knew?), and Satan himself makes a deal with world leaders of planet Earth to spare the planet from being destroyed in exchange to move half of the population from an over-crowded underworld to live amongst the living. Paying taxes, filling up at the gas stations, getting paper cuts, cleaning up the neighbors dog poo.

Its gonna be Hell on Earth.





Short story about a military

family reuniting after a




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